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Published: 16th August 2011
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Guru Design is one of the most popular furniture manufacturing companies in London and Dubai. We manufacture Indian design of furniture and for this we use the Sheesham wood and the timber wood only. In the 12 years of experience, Guru Design has established a strong relation with the retailers who are always in hurry to get some more Indian Furniture from the Guru Design. Indian furniture is highly recommended in London and in Dubai and the biggest reason for this is the large section of Indian population which are residing abroad.

People of every nation have different life style and for this they use varied kind of furniture. If we talk about the Indian then yes, we do have some different requirement. The furniture we use is made up of accurate sizes which are perfect for our height and weight. If we talk about the double bed then we use generally six feet long bed. So Guru Design understands what the requirement of the customer is and what product he is searching in the market.

The furniture is ergonomically designed so that when you sit on it or when you lay down on it you feel relieved with your whole day stress. If you want all the comfort and if you are searching for the Indian design of furniture then there is no better option than the Guru Design. We use sheesham wood which is very popular in India. If you want the Indian style of furniture in London and Dubai which is made up of the rosewood then there is really no better option than the Guru Furniture.

We manufacture the bedroom furniture, living room furniture, and the Dining room furniture etc. All these furniture are made up of Indian wood the Rosewood, which is known as Sheesham in India. We use only the timber wood, which is the wood as the building materials. Every item is handcrafted and the hand itself does even its finishing. We do it to bring shine and luster in it. We sell these products throughout London and Dubai. The customer satisfaction is our first priority.

Though, almost all retailers are eager to sell our furniture products but if you anything specific which you are not getting in the market then you can give us your idea so that we could think over it and produce much better products as per your requirements. If you want to know more about us then a lot more information is there on the web. To know more visit our website.

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