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Published: 16th August 2011
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Sheesham Furniture is the rosewood, which is available in India in Plenty. Why we have mentioned here about the rosewood, because we want to make it clear that the furniture we made is not made up of any other wood but a good quality of Rosewood. Rosewood is supposed to be one the best woods for manufacturing furniture. Along with the Sheesham furniture, we use the timber. Timber wood is that wood which is use as the building materials. So over all the quality of wood we use in perfect for manufacturing the furniture.

Another interesting thing about the Guru Design is that the whole furniture we manufacture is made up of handcraft; hands also do even the polishing, waxing and finishing of the wood only. We have hired highly skilled labors for this job. The design and quality of furniture we sell are yet not available in any other place in London and Dubai. We manufacture the dining furniture, bedroom furniture, and living room furniture as well. Along with this, we are in the business of manufacturing the soft furnishings. We use the best quality of textile and design to make bed sheets, table covers, curtains and all other fabric and cloth which are required to complete the house.

If you talk about the accessories then we manufactures the striking ceramic vase, elegant mirrors, and we use different rugs and glassware. All these products are essential to put in the home if you want to increase if decorative value and without these equipments the home remain unaccomplished. It you want to give a special look to your home then it is essential that you buy all these products. You can buy all these products online and if you are worried about the credit card payment then do not worry because we use the latest and the safest modes of transaction the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) System. According to this your whole details is kept secret. No one can steal your information because the transaction is made through a safe server.

You can buy these product online or through telephone as well but one thing is there that if you want to replace the product later then you have replace it in the same condition in which we sold it to you. Even the price tags should also not be removing and we take around one week to deliver your goods. If you have any other query then visit our website,

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